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EarthRising's main purpose is facilitating, planning and celebrating the Seasons of Earth and the Cross Quarters days, discussing issues regarding Pagan, Pantheist, and Earth-centered Spirituality, and sharing ideas and inspirations.

Blessed be!

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Current and upcoming themes and schedules are also provided via the "EarthRising Events" below.

When are the Rituals?

The eight annual Rituals will be held on Fridays at 7:00 p.m. in the UUFP sanctuary (see COVID info). If you are interested in helping with planning a ritual, you are welcome to join us at the Friday planning sessions that occur two weeks before each scheduled Ritual. (Reference the Ritual/Planning chart for at-a-glance dates for the year and our Events posts for specific descriptions about each upcoming Ritual.)

Who is Welcome?

Anyone with an open mind and an open heart and their loved ones. (Yes, children are welcome.)

What Should I Bring?

Anyone with an open mind and an open heart and their loved ones. (Yes, children are welcome.)

Is Childcare Available?

Anyone with an open mind and an open heart and their loved ones. (Yes, children are welcome.)

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EarthRising Events – To be rescheduled once UUFP reopens.

31 Jul, 2020
18 Sep, 2020
30 Oct, 2020
20 Dec, 2020

2020 Rituals


Our Rituals usually include:

    • Before the Ritual, gathering time begins at 7:00 p.m. in the UUFP common area (of the Sanctuary building).  We sit in a Circle; each person introduces themselves, sometimes sharing feelings or impressions of the season or holiday.  The Planners share info on the Ritual to come.  There is often a brief meditation.  Then we rise and walk to the Ritual space.​
    • Within the Ritual space, we walk in a line three times around the space to cast the circle.  We call to each of the four directions for protection, wisdom and aid.  At this point, the leaders begin the ritual.  New rituals are created for each gathering.
    • The Rituals usually end with a libation of non-alcoholic drink and a simple snack, usually fruit or baked goods.  As we share this, we often exchange ideas, inspirations, or impressions received during Ritual time.
    • After libation, we all rise, say Farewell to any entities we have invited in, as well as to each quarter.  Then the circle is closed with a poem, reading, dancing and/or song.
    • Time is provided for the Potluck Feast, social time and tidying up. We generally finish around 10:00 p.m.

Since a new Ritual is created for every Sabbat, only the planners will know in advance what will happen each time. We strive to keep our Rituals "family friendly," appropriate for all ages, non-violent, and welcoming.

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